Striped Skunk


Binomial Name: Mephitis mephitis Identification: Overall Length: 52-80 cm Colour: Black with 2 broad white stripes on the back meeting in a cap on the head…[...]

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Garden Spider

Spider (Garden Spider)

Binomial Name:  Argiope sp. Identification: Overall Length:  Adult male is 4-5mm while the female is 15-17mm Colour:  Adult has a yellow, black and white abdominal…[...]

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House Spider

Spider (House Spider)

Binomial Name:  Achoeareanea tepidariorum Identification: Overall Length:  Adult is 8mm Colour:  Adult has a round brown abdomen with no outstanding markings Life Cycle:  The male and…[...]

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Squirrel (Eastern Grey Squirrel)

Binomial Name: Sciurus carolinensis Identification: Overall Length: 43-50 cm Colour: Grey above, under parts paler grey; or entirely black Weight: 400-700 g Tail: 21-24 cm; flattened, bushy, grey…[...]

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Paper Wasp, Umbrella Wasp

Umbrella Wasp, aka Paper Wasp

Binomial Name: Polistes spp. Identification: Overall Length: Adult worker 15mm Colour: Adult worker is brownish black with thin yellow markings Life Cycle: Females will live…[...]

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Yellowjacket wasp

Yellow Jackets (Wasp)

Binomial Name:  Vespula spp. Identification: Overall Length:  Adult worker is 12-18mm Colour:  Adult worker is black and yellow Life Cycle:  The fertilized queen can usually…[...]

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