Our Green Commitment

Our Green Commitment

Beacon Pest Control is determined to be the most environmentally friendly pest control company possible.

We will eliminate your pest problem without adversely affecting the health of adults, children or pets. This is achieved by employing industry leading treatment methods. These methods include:

  • Steam
  • Traps
  • Organic dust
  • Humane trapping and release
  • Box spring and mattress encasement
  • Vacuum
  • Baits
  • Exclusion techniques
  • Sanitation support
  • Pest monitors

The benefit to you is a pest free environment with the lowest possible amount of exposure to chemicals.

stock-photo-3459784-sproutSome of our other green practices:

A hybrid service vehicle.

Energy star compliant office equipment.

We purchase in bulk from our supplier, reducing the amount of packaging.

We abide by all Ministry of the Environment and local municipal policies regarding the proper disposal of empty pest control containers.  That way our landfills are not unnecessarily contaminated.

Invoices, statements and quotes are delivered electronically whenever possible.

Beacon Pest Control pledges NEVER to use a pesticide that:

  • Causes damage to the environment, property, plant or animal life
  • Causes harm or discomfort to any person
  • Adversely affects the health of any person
  • Impairs the safety of any person, or
  • Makes any plant or animal life unfit for use


Go Green. Go Beacon.

If you would like to learn more about our commitment to green pest control and what pesticide safety measures we have in place, contact Beacon Pest Control today.