Rodent Control Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville

Rodent Control Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville

Need to get rid of mice or rats? Call Beacon Pest Control

We are your reliable partner for rodent control in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas.
As pest control professionals and rodent control experts we will: Rodent Control Services Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville

  • Quickly address your rodent concerns
  • Identify the type of rodent and implement an effective control strategy
  • Assess your property for rodent entry points and harbourage sites
  • Seal entry points and eliminate harbourage sites to provide long term results
  • Use the safest rat removal and mice removal strategies available to ensure the well-being of your family, pets, visitors, and customers

Rodent Control Best Practice

The safest and most reliable way to eliminate rodents is to use traps.  Traps are designed to either kill or contain the rodent, which allows a professional to remove the rat or mouse.  When used properly, mouse and rat traps are safe around children and pets. Solely relying on the use of mouse poison or rat poison is not recommended, because you cannot control where the rodent will die.  There is no mouse or rat poison that will make them go outside to die; the poisoned rodent will simply crawl back to it’s nesting site within your walls or attic.  A decomposing rodent will smell, can be a vector for disease, and be a challenge to remove from your walls or ceiling. Our professional team has the experience, training, and ability to eliminate all types of rodents, including: House Mice, Deer Mice, Norway Rats, and more. House Mouse Bio and Behaviour Norway Rat Bio and Behaviour

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