House Spider

Spider (House Spider)

Binomial Name:  Achoeareanea tepidariorumfotoliahousespiderII


  • Overall Length:  Adult is 8mm
  • ColourAdult has a round brown abdomen with no outstanding markings

Life Cycle:  The male and female House spider will coexist in the web and mate repeatedly.  The egg sacs are brown and can be 6-9mm in diameter.  A female will deposit 12 or more egg sacs over her lifetime, each containing 140-380 eggs.  The House spider can live for over 1 year after reaching maturity.

BehaviourThis spider hangs upside down from the cobweb nest.  It is non-poisonous and cannot bite humans.

Signs of Infestation:  The House spider construct webs in the corners of walls, floor joists and windows.  It is most often encountered in damp areas such as basements and crawl spaces.  The House spider can produce many webs in a short period of time.