Monthly Services

Monthly Services

Protect your business with Beacon Pest Control

We are your reliable partner for commercial pest control in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas. 
As pest control professionals and commercial pest control experts we will:

  • Quickly address your pest concerns
  • Provide a free onsite assessment and evaluation of your property
  • Develop and implement a customized pest management program that addresses the unique needs of your business
  • Work with you to ensure that you understand legislative obligations and help you address these requirements
  • Use the safest pest management strategies available to ensure the well-being of your staff, visitors, and customers

Commercial Pest Management Best Practice

The safest and most reliable way to a manage a commercial facility is with the use of an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM). An IPM promotes a pest-free environment and helps to identify and treat future pest issues.  IPM relies on non-chemical techniques of reducing pest attraction to the workplace, removing potential food and water sources, eliminating or preventing areas of harbourage, and a continuous monitoring program that will drive program modifications.

Frequency of service

Frequency of service is dependent on your needs. Most commercial clients practice a Pest Management Program on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly rotation.  Beacon Pest Control is committed to providing a timely response to all inquiries and providing service outside of scheduled appointments when necessary.

Documentation and Record Keeping

We will guarantee that you are ready for an audit and that all required documentation and records are available for the audit to proceed smoothly. Proper documentation upholds the integrity of the pest management program, supports decision making, and drives program modifications.

Our professional team has the experience, training, and ability to implement a Pest Management Program in all commercial settings,including: Warehouse and Distribution Facilities, Apartments and Multi-Family Housing, Retail and Office Facilities, Government Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, and more.