mice removal

Why Removing Mice Properly and Safely is Important

When dealing with a mouse in your house, it is important to be safe and effective the first time. Mice can be difficult to get rid of because they are quiet, fast, and can squeeze into holes, cracks, and cranny’s that look too small. A typical mouse can squeeze itself through a hole the size of a dime! If you see even one mouse inside your house, then it is safe to assume that you have a mice problem and should seriously consider professional mouse removal in Burlington.

Mice usually only come out at night when you are asleep. But to a trained eye, they leave evidence. Droppings, chewed food containers, packages, and goods, and scratching and rustling inside the walls are all indications that mice are living in your home.

Mice live in groups, breed quickly and can become very large in numbers. The typical Canadian house mouse will go through your trash, compost, or any food that is easily assessable and not stored in airtight containers.

Mice droppings and urine can be very dangerous to humans, and if breathed in can cause severe health concerns. Mice droppings and urine if accumulated can also cause a fire hazard, as they are flammable. In extreme situations, mice can cause structural damage to your home, as they can and will chew through wires, drywall, wood, and other parts of your home.

The longer mice are ignored, the worse the problem becomes. Even if you think it is just one mouse, mice removal in Burlington is essential to ensure that your home is pest free. Mice are very difficult to get rid of because they will come back. Mice will know their way back to their nests, and can create a vicious cycle of stress, property damage, and potential risk to you and your family, especially small children and pets.

When looking into professional mice removal in Burlington, ensure that the pest experts you hire use only Ministry of the Environment approved products and treatments that are human and pet safe. Many exterminator companies will guarantee a pest-free home, and will come back if the problem arises again within a certain time frame.

If you are looking into mice removal in Burlington, look into prevention as well. Professional pest experts will also be able to help you repair small gaps, and install vent and chimney protection that will help ensure that wildlife will stay outdoors where it belongs.

Other prevention tips include storing all dry goods such as rice, flours, and pet food in airtight containers. Compost and garbage bins should be stored a few feet away from the house if possible, to avoid pests being lured to your home.