When to call wildlife control in Hamilton

Sometimes we can underestimate wild animals, not realizing how quickly and easily they can damage our homes. In some cases, it makes sense to try a few things on your own, while in other instances it is better to quickly call in an expert for wildlife control in Hamilton. Making a simple phone call can help you prevent risking bites or disease and possibly the quick destruction of your property. Some pests are worse than others. If you encounter any of the following wildlife pests invading your property, you should pick up the phone immediately and call for professional assistance.


Obviously, no one wants a skunk roaming around their home. When a skunk is attacked or scared, it lets loose a foul stench that can be nearly impossible to remove. In fact, people who have had the misfortune to come into contact with skunk sprays will tell you that washing away the stench isn’t as easy as taking a vigorous 10-minute shower. Once a skunk sprays inside of a house (or, once someone sprayed by a skunk enters a house), the terrible smell engulfs everything it passes. It can actually take weeks to months to get a house clean of skunk stink.

Keep your fences mended, gates shut, and seal off any entrances that a skunk may be able to get through. Keep an eye on your pets, as skunks can carry fleas and mites and can bite household pets. Just because you may notice a skunk roaming around late at night doesn’t mean you have to call in animal control, but if you notice persistent intruders, or start to smell their spray in the air often, then you should call for professional help.


Moles will destroy your lawn and garden in no time, leaving brown patches and weakening your lawn from all the tunnels they make. While it made for great comedy, the mole removal technique used in Caddy Shack is not something you should ever try at home; instead, you will want to call in an expert at wildlife control in Hamilton. Since moles rarely come up to the surface, catching and trapping them can prove to be impossible.


Who doesn’t like the look for these little bandits? They seem so adorable, that it is difficult to believe they can wreak havoc on your home if given half a chance. Raccoons are very aggressive and can attack pets and people for seemingly no reason. They are also very clever and some can open latches and doors, making it easy for them to get into places where they aren’t welcome. Instead of putting yourself or your family pet at risk, you should call a wildlife control specialist to deal with them.


Rats are probably one of the most detested animals on the planet. They multiply quickly, carry diseases, and will destroy your home in no time flat! They are dirty, they chew through wires, damage pipes, and more. If you see a few droppings, chances are you have rats and lots of them! If so, don’t delay!

Get an expert in wildlife control in Hamilton to do all the hard work, so you can focus on the continued enjoyment of your home.