Pest Control Services

What You Should – and Should Not Do, Before and After Pest Control Services.

Whatever the reason, a spider infestation, cockroaches, or a line-up of ants marching across your kitchen floor, you’ve decided that it’s time for pest control services to come and help rid your home of these uninvited intruders. While you’ve already taken the first step by calling in for professional help, there are steps that you as a homeowner can take to help ensure that you get the best possible results from your pest control services.


Tidy Your Space

Making sure your space is clean prior to having pest control services is important, not because these professionals care whether or not your counters are cluttered or you have a weeks worth of laundry on the floor, but because they will be looking for signs of infestation and spraying chemicals throughout your home. Ease of access is important so that your pest control professional can do their job. Before your scheduled visit, clean up the kids’ toys, put away the laundry, clear off countertops (and the sink because that will get sprayed too), move any food items into a cabinet, or preferably the fridge, and don’t forget to empty the bathroom, pesticides may be safe but you don’t want to brush you teeth with them.

Move Furniture

In many cases, depending on what the particular infestation is, your pest control services will spray the entire perimeter of your home. Where possible, moving large furniture off the walls will help the pest control technician access all the points they need to.

Move Your Plants

The same pesticides that work wonders for getting rid of a pest infestation may also, unfortunately, be bad news for your house plants. If possible, move them to an outdoor area or ask a friend or neighbor to hang on to them while pest control services do their job.

Take Fido for a Walk

Even the safest pesticides are can be harmful to pets while they are being sprayed. Make arrangements to have pets away from the home during your pest control visit and ask your pest control technician when it will be safe to bring them back.


Wait to Clean

Do not immediately begin deep cleaning your home. Your pest control technician will advise you on when it’s safe to return home, but it you immediately begin cleaning floors, baseboards and windows, you will be drastically reducing the effectiveness of the pest control treatment.

Toss Out Any Forgotten Food

If you did happen to forget to say a bunch of bananas or a bag of oranges on the counter, it is best to compost them. While generally, the pesticides used are not toxic to humans, it is definitely better to err on the safe side when it comes to food.

Monitor the Pest Situation

Continue to monitor the pest situation after your pest control services call. It is common to find dead pests for up to a few days after having your home sprayed, however, if you are continuing to notice a large number of live pests, you may need to call your pest control technician to schedule a follow-up visit.