The mice in your house are saying, “Baby it’s cold outside”

mouseWell, maybe the mice aren’t saying it, but they sure are sensing it.

That is why homeowners here in the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area are in turn saying to themselves, “Why are mice in my house?” and “How can I get rid of mice?”

First, “Why are mice in my house?”  The answer is because we unknowingly let them escape the cold. Due to their body shape, mice need only a very small gap to squeeze through.  It might be via the garage door seal or where utility pipes enter the building.  In any case, once in, they rarely go back outside.  And, mice can multiply quickly.

Second, “How do I get rid of mice?”  Here are four of the most environmentally friendly ways:

  • Manage food sources for mice
  • Exclusion
  • Trapping
  • Baiting

Homeowners are in the best position to manage food sources by keeping food in mouse proof containers.  Garbage should be similarly protected.

When it comes to exclusion, the professional is the one with the experience and proper materials to make sure your house is as mouse proof as possible.

Likewise the professional has the knowledge of mouse behaviour to use traps most effectively without endangering adults, children or pets.

Properly placed bait stations are best in the hands of the pro as well.  By doing so, we eliminate the chance of harm to people, pets, the environment and non-targeted wildlife.

At Beacon Pest we offer the most effective and environmentally friendly solution to mice in your home or business.  We protect your home inside and out and from top to bottom.  The result is a safe and pest free home for you and your family with the least possible impact on the environment.

All this delivered and guaranteed at a reasonable price that demonstrates great value.

Call us today at 1-855-676-6873 and your mice will be gone tomorrow.