Mice Removal

The Fastest Way to Remove Mice from Your Home

Possibly the only thing worse than unidentified noises coming from your attic or walls at night is identifying the culprit as a full-blown mouse infestation. Unsurprisingly, options for expedited mice removal in Hamilton are at the top of your to-do list. But before you start setting mouse traps or baits, you may want to consider investing in professional mice removal in Hamilton. Here’s why.

Snap Traps can Actually Act as Snack Traps

People have lots of feeling about these types of rodent kill traps. The idea behind a snap trap is that when a mouse comes to collect its treat, it will be killed. While the intent is for the rodent to die instantly, it unfortunately doesn’t always happen that way. Other traps, like glue traps and cages, do not kill on contact, but rodents who are trapped can be injured or even killed due to stress or being left in the trap too long.

Moreover, mice can often find ways to extract the bait without triggering the trap, which will only encourage them to stick around.

There are better and more humane ways to manage a pest problem.

Professional Mice Removal in Hamilton

The good news is licensed pest control technicians have safer, more effective, and more humane ways to eliminate mice from your home. Not only that, but they will uncover the source of your problem and seal access points, helping to prevent an infestation from reoccurring. Although, in some areas where mice are a persistent neighbourhood problem, ongoing pest control services might be needed.

So, how fast can mice removal happen? A mouse infestation can take about a month and require several service calls to resolve fully.

Professional pest control techniques may incorporate a combination of baits and live traps. However, since a mouse infestation will likely include mice of varying levels of maturity, it can take time to ensure they have all been eliminated. Baby mice, for example, will not leave their nest for at least two weeks, maybe more, so they will not begin to consume the mouse bait until at least then.

After your pest control program has been implemented, you may continue to see or hear rodent activity for up to four weeks. However, that doesn’t mean that the program isn’t working. You can spot signs that mice have begun ingesting the rodent bait by the colour of their droppings. A blueish green colour means that the baits are doing their job.

If you are still finding fresh rodent droppings after four weeks, your pest control technician may need to adjust your mouse removal plan.

A professional mice removal service in Hamilton is the best way to solve a current pest problem and help ensure your home is protected from future infestations. Not only will that make sure all mice are removed from your property, but they will also do it safely and humanely.

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