That Squirrel In My Attic Is Driving Me Nuts!!

025It’s spring time and the squirrels are active and having babies.  Natural enough, but it’s not good if it’s occurring in your home.

Squirrels enter your home through the following:

  • Roof vents
  • Gaps in siding
  • Gaps in fascia
  • Compromised wood
  • Chimneys
  • Exhaust vents

Once in, they can pose a potential fire hazard as they gnaw and chew electrical wiring.  Furthermore, squirrels can compromise your homes integrity as they gnaw ceiling joists and supports.  Squirrels also harbour fleas, mites and parasites.  In addition, their fecal matter and urine contamination can create an unpleasant situation.  You don’t want squirrels in your home!

In addition, during the spring and fall when the young are born, the problem is compounded.  How do you get rid of the parents AND the babies attached to the nest?

The solution must be tailored to address each home’s unique circumstances including:  number of active squirrels, the possibility of babies, nest location, entry / exit points into your home, damage, what you home is constructed from, environmental characteristics, home design and MORE!

Need help removing squirrels from you attic?  Call us today at 1-855-676-6873 and allow your local squirrel experts to humanely extract them from your home and provide the necessary repairs to prevent their re-entry.