A Tale of Two Pest Situations

A Tale of Two Pest Situations

Let’s talk about Phil. Phil lives in a wooden building somewhere in Southern Ontario and Phil works a demanding job in a warehouse. A mouse enters Phil’s apartment. Weeks go by, and every night Phil hears scurrying.

Let’s also talk about Laura. She runs a small business that serves food in her establishment. Today, her business got shut down because of vermin droppings the health inspector discovered, and she doesn’t know if her customers will return. She has until tomorrow; if those notices are still displayed on the front door tomorrow, she might lose her business license.

What can Phil and Laura do? They could try to take care of their problems themselves, spend tens or maybe even hundreds at the hardware store, apply the method themselves, potentially unaware of the risks involved, and hope for the best. Or they could contact pest control services and be assured of the safest, quickest, and most environmentally friendly response.

What Phil and Laura don’t realize is, the wrong pest control applications can make problems worse. Besides cleanliness, which doesn’t even guarantee a pest free environment, pest control services should be their first line of defense when it comes to taking care problems that can go from nuisance to monumental in a very short span of time.

When Phil and Laura look for pest control services, they’ll want something that’s quick, humane, and long term. Not everyone offers this; and even fewer are both experienced and certified, with memberships innational pest control organizations, and who are sure to stay on top of industry best practices. If Phil and Laura are serious about solving their pest problems, they must choose the best pest control services available.

Phil and Laura might be tempted to cut costs and do it the cheap way. But the wrong methods can lead to taking major risks; it could lead to days, weeks, or months of stressing out and living in unsanitary conditions; they would be risking their furniture, their belongings, their livelihoods and even their health. Or, they could choose pest control services, which would mean choosing the best solution to problems that can be managed by certified, insured professionals in a quick, courteous, and effective manner.

To both Phil and Laura, pests are more than a nuisance, they’re a danger. And by taking matters into their own hands, they could create an even more damaging situation. The safest option for both of them is trusting the experts when it comes to pest control by hiring pest control services.

But not every pest situation is like Phil and Laura’s; some are much different, and yet just as damaging, or at least, just as annoying. A hive of hornets near a front door, where one of the inhabitants is allergic; a march of ants through someone’s kitchen that just won’t go away; or even noticing a single bed bug as you make the bed in the morning. All of these situations are handled in the safest, most efficient way possible by contacting experienced and reliable pest control services.