Spraying and Praying for Bed Bugs Is Not The Answer

At Beacon Pest Control we believe in using best practice methods only, this is the best way to gain bed bug control.  Therefore, we do NOT use the old ‘spray and pray’ method used by some where your home is sprayed with chemicals and the exterminator prays that it will work.  You deserve more than that.

When it comes to bed bug control, we believe in an Integrated Pest Management approach using a combination of:

  • Vacuuming
  • Steam/heat
  • Ministry of the Environment approved dust
  • Chemical flushing agents
  • Mattress and box spring protection
  • Follow up visits as necessary
  • Homeowner education regarding bed bug prevention

Whether in an apartment in Hamilton or an estate in Burlington anybody can have a bed bug infestation.  It is important to remember that bed bugs are not associated with filth or unsanitary conditions; they do not discriminate based on income, sect, denomination, race or income.  Beacon Pest Control is here to help.  We provide complete bed bug control that is effective, economical and guaranteed.  Call today for a same day on-site inspection by a licensed exterminator.