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Six Pests That Can Be More of a Problem When It’s Cold

If there’s one positive to the changing weather, it’s that pest problems like ants and spiders seem to disappear along with the warmer temperatures. But don’t celebrate too soon; pest control in Hamilton services are just as busy in the winter as in the spring and summer. While certain insects may be less active in the winter, other pests are just getting started.


While some rodents hibernate during the winter, others like mice, rats, and squirrels stay alert, active, and hungry all year round. And they will be looking for somewhere to escape the cold.

Attics are a favourite winter nesting place for rodents; it offers them everything they need to stay warm and feed. Mice and rats can access your home through various tiny openings, while leaning trees, heavy with snow, can provide the perfect bridge to your roof.


Birds also remain active throughout the winter, and your chimney, eaves, and soffits provide the perfect place to nest. While birds are generally harmless, you can take simple steps, including installing chimney caps, to prevent them from nesting in your home.

Bed Bugs 

Even winter can’t put bed bugs to rest. Bed bugs are a year-round problem that can worsen during colder months as we spend more time visiting indoors or travelling for the holidays. While bed bugs will enter a hibernation-like state when temperatures fall below freezing, they can survive months without food, and chances are, the temperature inside your home is more than sufficient to keep these pests awake and active.


A prolific pest problem that never seems to take a break. While most ant species will scale back their activity when it gets cold, they are still there, working behind the scenes. Odorous ants can remain active all year, particularly in homes with radiant floor heating, and even carpenter ants, which usually hibernate, can stay active throughout the winter, wreaking all kinds of havoc inside your walls.


So here is a pest that does hibernate or leave for the winter. The problem is that brown bats are notorious for seeking shelter inside homes and barns.

During the winter, bats remain as inactive as possible. However, when roosting in your attic, they can be awakened by loud noise, lights, or other household activity and begin flying around in search of food. These bats often die and start to decompose in your attic or walls.


Cockroaches are famous for being able to survive nearly anything, and the cold is no exception. These pests can survive in temperatures as cold as -10, but since they prefer warm environments, they will be looking for shelter indoors. Basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas with a lot of moisture are perfect places for cockroaches to hunker down for the winter.

Don’t let the cooler weather catch you unprepared. Pests are a constant problem, and pest control in Hamilton is available year-round to help you remedy it.