Rat: How To Inspect For Rats

Some ways to detect rats are……

Live Rats:  Look and listen for scampering rats.  Move stored products to undercover harbourages.

Rat Burrows:  Holes and fresh diggings around or under foundations, floors, side-walks, platforms and embarkments all may mean rats.

Rat Gnawing:  Look for signs of chewing around doors, windows, utility lines and packages goods especially food packages.

Rat Droppings:  Fresh droppings are a sure sign.  Look behind objects near walls and in places seldom cleaned or disturbed.

Test Baiting:  Place food out overnight where rats can find it.  If the food is gone in the morning, you probably have rats.

If you have any of the above, you may have a rat in your house. It’s time to call Beacon Pest Control for peace of mind rodent control.