Pest Control in Hamilton: Common Pests and How to Control Them

Hamilton, Ontario, has all of the advantages of a growing North American city. It is home to excellent schools and community facilities, great bars and restaurants, and there are lots of outdoor activities to do in the region. Unfortunately, it comes with a few of the disadvantages as well, namely pests.

An invasion of pests is something a lot of modern households experience. Never pleasant, these unwelcome critters can also pose health hazards. Today we’re going to look at some of the common pests that are found in Hamilton, Ontario households, and how to get pest control in Hamilton.

Bed Bugs

Waking up with sores and spotting movements out of the corner of your eye? Then we’re sorry to inform you that there might be bed bugs in your household! These horrible parasites are the bane of city life and they thrive in urban settings, thanks to the higher populations and close quarters that assist in population growth among these pests.

You need proper professional pest control in Hamilton to get rid of bed bugs. At Beacon Pest Control, we provide customers with a five-stage extraction program that will eliminate these bugs for good!

Raccoons and Skunks

Slightly cuter than bed bugs, but just as deviant, raccoons and skunks are fully integrated urban wildlife. Known to be scavengers, these creatures love nothing more than a couple of bags of garbage. This can cause havoc to your garden and if they know that you are providing them with food, they will likely try to find the source by making their way into your home and nesting.

Professional pest control in Hamilton also means wildlife removal, and Beacon Pest will carefully and considerately remove these creatures. We focus on environmentally sound techniques that both you and the pests you want to get rid of will appreciate.


Even though they are generally quite small, spiders can elicit a huge response from us and it is usually not a good one. Even those who aren’t typically squeamish can find themselves feeling pretty uncomfortable around these eight-legged pests. Not only do spiders breed quickly, they also create large webs in a short amount of time that can ruin the hard work you put into keeping your home clean.

Beacon Pest will treat spider problems with professional pest control in Hamilton. We treat using Government-approved products and remove any evidence that will remind you of these creepy pests.


An infestation of ants can seem endless. These small armies can cause a huge amount of destruction and quickly make their way toward food sources, taking the enjoyment of dining out of your home. Carpenter ants also pose a common pest problem in Ontario, especially during spring and summer, causing damage to your property.

Get in touch with Beacon Pest for pest control in Hamilton if you notice these guys taking over your home. We will destroy their nest and make sure that they do not set up again in your Hamilton home.

See our website for more information on what we do for pest control in Hamilton. We encourage you to get in touch with us today if you have any of the abov-mentioned, or other pests in your household.