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Why Pest Control in Burlington Advises Getting Rid of Rodents Immediately

Pest control in Burlington knows that getting rid of mice and rats is extremely important, and should be done as quickly as possible, so as to prevent damage in your home or business. Although all pests are undesirable, some of these creatures are less destructive to your property than others. Unfortunately, due to the size and resilience of mice and rats, once they are on your property they can wreak havoc, spreading disease, eating your food, and chewing up wiring and insulation.

In this post, we outline some of the critical reasons you should call pest control in Burlington to eliminate mice and rats from your property as soon as possible, as well as some tips and advice for identifying and preventing the problem before it begins.

Rodents, like every other creature, are interested in finding safe spaces where they can live and breed, as well as viable food sources. If rats and mice have started turning up on your property, it’s high time to call pest control in Burlington to perform an assessment of why the area has suddenly become attractive to rodents. It may be that they have identified some areas with trash bags that can be scavenged, or they have decided to take advantage of pet food and water left out for a cat or dog. On top of that, there may be a warm, safe space they can live and breed somewhere within the confines of your property.

If you have smelled a strange odour, found small droppings, or there are signs of gnawing on your things, you may have rodents. Even if you don’t have complete proof of it yet, get in touch with pest control services in Burlington straight away, as these animals are excellent at settling in and multiplying very quickly.The gestation period of mice is just 20 days, and they are able to breed very soon after birth, while a typical female mouse can have up to 10 litters per year.

Though it might seem like a good idea to tackle the problem yourself, all good pest control services in Burlington know that these are highly intelligent animals who are very suspicious of new activity, and often won’t fall for bait traps. By first ridding your property of infestation and then setting up ways to prevent it, you’ll be able to trust that no other unwanted visitors will appear on your property any time soon.