Commercial Pest Control

Overcoming the Challenges of Commercial Pest Control

The size and scope of commercial pest control may present unique challenges for those who work in the industry. Not only are commercial facilities typically larger than the average home, but prompt response times can also be a matter of urgency if business operations are affected. Stringent reporting may also be required for heavily regulated industries like the restaurant industry and medical sites.

Here are four ways in which commercial pest control differs from residential pest control and why you should opt to go with a company with knowledge and expertise in commercial pest control.

Large Scale and Multi-Unit Management 

It’s one thing when your single-family home is dealing with a pest infestation, but it’s an entirely different game when an entire apartment complex or office building has a pest problem. Commercial pest control technicians need to manage infestations across multiple units or even multiple buildings thereby making commercial pest control far more complex.

Rapid Response Times 

A pest infestation usually requires a fast response time no matter where it is located. But for businesses, a pest problem could mean the closure of their operations until the issue is resolved, thereby adding to the urgency. Larger pest control companies with commercial experience are more likely to be able to accommodate immediate response times than smaller and less experienced companies with fewer resources and manpower.

If your business is suffering from a pest infestation but isn’t required to close, accommodating business hours with minimal disruption could help prevent the racking up of losses. A commercial pest control specialist can coordinate services with you and even send unmarked trucks upon request to curb the problem.

Reporting Requirements 

Clients in certain fields may be required to present evidence that a pest infestation has been professionally dealt with and no longer presents a problem. Commercial pest control companies are familiar with this type of reporting and can provide documentation of the pest control measures implemented ensuring compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Focus on Prevention

Commercial buildings are often more susceptible to pest infestations due to their size, location, or number of residents. Commercial pest control is not only eliminating the current problem but also preventing future infestations from occurring.

Implementing a pest prevention plan for commercial buildings requires a lot of hands-on experience with commercial facilities. Unlike residential properties, which are similarly laid-out with common access points, commercial budlings vary substantially so each plan needs to be uniquely tailored to the client. A long-term preventative solution for businesses may include a combination of education in prevention and pest deterrents.

When your business has a pest problem that needs quick resolution, you need a certified and experienced commercial pest control specialist on the job. Commercial pest control companies have the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to battle large-scale projects and consistently deliver professional results to ensure your business and area of work are pest-free.