Mice: What Is The Best Mouse Trap And Treatment?

I am constantly being asked, “John, what’s the best way to kill mice?”.  So lets take a minute to weigh the pros and cons of the top 3 selling mouse traps.

1.  Mouse Snap Traps


Pros:  Reliable; Inexpensive; Effective; Safe around pets and children.

Cons:  Viewing mouse remains can make some people squeamish; Rodents may jump over mouse snap traps.

2.  Glue Traps or Glue Boards


Pros:  No baiting required; No setting required; Inexpensive; Most use a non-toxic glue

Cons:  Some people consider glue traps to be inhumane; They only work when the mouse is running at full speed. When walking, mice feel the edge of the glue board and walk around it.

3.  Rodenticides or Mice Poison / Rat Poison


Pros:  Rodenticides are well accepted by rodents; Most mouse poison is odourless and tasteless which increases their appeal; Effective

Cons:  Consumers have limited access to rodenticides; Must take precautions to prevent exposure to pets and children; Expensive

When treating for mice, I always use a combinaion of traps and rodenticide.  Each mouse family is unique in their preferences and behaviour so the old saying of ‘one size fits all’ never applies.  Getting rid of mice comes down to being creative and trying to appeal to their inquisitive nature.  Remember, if you don’t want to kill mice, then prevent them from getting into your home in the first place.  Visit our blog titled 5 Tips To Prevent Mice From Getting Into Your Home for exclusion tips.

Good luck.