Mice: The Houdini’s of the Rodent World

HoudinicuffWe are often servicing well constructed and beautifully maintained homes in the Burlington and Oakville area for mice control.  We can pretty much count on the homeowner asking, “how did mice get into my home?”.  Many people believe that mice are associated solely with poorly kept areas or “the other side of the tracks”.  But the truth is even the most beautiful homes in Burlington and Oakville often need mice control.  I spent two or three days in denial when I saw evidence of mice in my kitchen, I never thought that I would need mice control.  For mice, it’s the difference between dying outside and surviving inside – an easy choice really.  Most homeowners keep their homes well maintained and never imagined that they would need mice control or understand how mice have entered their house.

Well, mice are masters of contortion.  They can collapse their rib cages allowing them to slip through cracks and spaces about the size of a dime.

They can get into your house:

  • Through small gaps around pipes.
  • Via foundation cracks.
  • By walking up brick walls and entering under eaves and siding.
  • Through any door when it is swinging open or shut.
  • Weep holes.

These guys are good!

Beacon Pest Control is here to help. With every service we do a 30 point inspection of your home. This will tell you where your house needs protection from roaming rodents. We can even help you plug the cracks and gaps.