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Mice Removal in Hamilton

When winter comes around, everyone wants to be inside. Unfortunately for us, this can also include rodents. Mice are found in homes all over Ontario, including the city of Hamilton, especially during the winter. If you have noticed these guys in yours, today we are going to give you some more information on mice removal in Hamilton.

The first thing you need to do is to identify the rodent in your home. You will likely hear them scuttering about and sometimes you can see them too. It is generally pretty easy to tell the difference between mice and rats, especially if you spot them, because mice are a lot smaller, coming in at an overall length of 175mm and weight of 12-30g. Mice also leave droppings in a rod or spindle shape that are around half a centimetre in length.

As mentioned, one of the reasons mice make their way into our homes in winter is to get away from the cold. As well as being able to keep warm, they will also find lots of food options on offer,just as it becomes scarce in nature, thanks to freezing weather. This is an idea place for mice to nest and start a family. And they will do this over and over again, as female mice bear as many as 8 litters a year, with each one consisting of five to six young.

These nests can be commonly found in a number of areas in the typical Hamilton home. Anywhere that is relatively hidden and enclosed, including floor joists and in between double walls, as well in attics and basements.

Once you have correctly identified the rodent and concluded that it is indeed the common house mouse, you can prepare for mice removal in Hamilton. The type of removal you would like depends on your personal opinion, but you should always call in a professional team like the one we have here at Beacon Pest for mice removal in Hamilton.

A lot of people buy poison from their local hardware store, but this is not always entirely effective. With just poison, you cannot guarantee where the rodents will die and you could be dealing with a large number of remains hidden throughout your home.These can not only smell absolutely terrible, but are also extremely unhygienic.

You can use traps that simply contain the rodents instead of killing them for mice removal in Hamilton. While this is not as effective when you have a large infestation, it can work for just one or two mice that have not started nesting yet. Once found in the trap, they can be released in the wild at a distance far enough away from your home that won’t encourage them to return.