Manage Mice the Eco-Friendly Way: How To Mouse Proof Your Home

stuffit2When it comes to an environmentally friendly way of managing mice in your home, a good offence is the best defense.  A properly mouse proofed home means fewer mice.  Fewer mice in our homes mean lower reliance on poison.  Minimizing our reliance on poison is environmentally friendly.

So let’s get started.  How do mice get in our homes?

Mice are naturally inquisitive and seek warmth and shelter in buildings:

  • Via small holes and cracks in the brick, siding or foundation
  • By slipping through small gaps around windows and eaves
  • Through the space between the garage door roller track and the garage wall
  • Vents
  • Open doors / windows

What you can do….

Outside: seal all exterior openings; ensure that all exterior doors close properly; check to see that all siding is in good order; cover vents appropriately.

Inside: store all foods in containers with tight fitting lids; manage garbage by disposing of it as soon as possible.

By following the above procedures, you are going a long why in preventing mice from sharing your living space with you.

As an environmentally friendly pest control company, we believe strongly in the power of rodent exclusion. That’s why we provide homeowners with a comprehensive inspection of possible entry points for mice and offer professional repairs at reasonable prices.

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