Liberty For Youth

John and I here at Beacon Pest Control Services are thankful for what
we have in both our professional and personal lives. It is for that reason that
we have decided to support our good friend David Sweet in his fundraising
efforts. Should you like to join us in supporting this worthy cause please see
the email below. In any case, thanks for reading and take care.

“Dear friends and colleagues,

On September 14, I will be joining over 100 other motorcycle enthusiasts to support a cause I am passionate about. Liberty for Youth is a non-profit, charitable organization that enables and empowers at-risk youth to have positive, socially productive and rewarding lives.

My personal fundraising goal for this event is quite ambitious, and I would really appreciate your support – either financially and/or by sharing this email with any contacts you have who may be interested in supporting at-risk youth or participating in this event. If you are able to support me to assist Liberty for Youth please follow the below link to donate today please.

Canada Helps

Thanks so much for your consideration – I’ll be sure to post pics from the ride!

David Sweet

Member of Parliament

Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough and Westdale”