Keeping Your Home Critter Fee with Wildlife Control Hamilton

They may look adorable, but an animal infestation in your home can be a major nuisance. Not only can these cute critters cause serious damage to your property, but they can pose a serious risk to pets and small children. Here are some helpful tips on wildlife control in Hamilton and keeping your property critter-free.

Securing Access to Garbage.

An easy meal is a huge draw for many hungry animals, particularly skunks and raccoons. Securing the lid to your garbage cans and storing trash indoors where possible is the best solution to avoid inviting these hungry animals over for a free meal. If a food source is left easily accessible, these uninvited visitors may decide to take up a more permanent residence on your property or potentially in your home.

Consider Eliminating Bird Feeders.

Any array of birds can create a lovely backdrop to enjoy in your garden. However, a number of other critters will enjoy that bird feed as much, if not more, than the birds it is intended for. Squirrels, skunks, and raccoons can all enjoy the free meal provided by the typical feeder. If you must have a feeder in your yard, choose a bird specific feed, rather than a mixed feed, and select the most secure feeder you can find.

Limiting Access to Your Roof.

An attic or chimney is often an inviting home for many critters, particularly squirrels. Limiting accessibility to these areas can help combat an animal infestation. Trimming trees that overhang your roof and ensuring vents and chimney openings are properly secured is one way to help prevent these critters from taking up residence.

Blocking Access Points.

Joints along the roof and around the baseline of your home, deck or shed are prime locations for wildlife to make their homes. Checking for cracks or holes and then taking to proper steps to repair them can help ensure your home is protected from unwanted invaders.

 If you have already taken measures or believe that there may already be animals living in your home, it is best to leave the job of removal to the professionals. There are many options for wildlife control in Hamilton but there are important considerations to take into account. These animals, while annoying, deserve to be treated humanely. Where possible, look for a professional who is “Quality Pro” certified, this accolade is awarded to companies who offer the safest and most environmentally considerate approach to wildlife control. You should also look for a professional who can offer a guarantee for work that they do, giving you peace of mind that the situation has been thoroughly resolved. And finally, do your research, a high level of customer satisfaction is a strong indicator of the level of professionalism and service you can expect from your wildlife control in Hamilton service.