Pest Control

Keep Your Doors Open with Pest Control in Oakville

Re-opening is finally here, and it’s time to get back to business. After prolonged economic shutdowns, restaurants all over Oakville are ready to welcome guests back into their establishments for indoor dining experiences – don’t leave the wrong impression on guests with a pest problem, get professional pest control in Oakville.

Restaurants are a mecca for pests like roaches, rodents, flies, and ants. With endless sources of food and plenty of places to hide, your restaurant is an open invitation for all sorts of annoying and potentially dangerous pests.

However, these uninvited guests are not only irritating; they could potentially be dangerous, not only to your business’ reputation but also to your customers and staff. Some of these critters carry disease-causing bacteria, like E-coli and Salmonella, which can unknowingly be passed on through food and contact with dishes and utensils. If you have a pest problem, you need pest control in Oakville to eliminate it quickly.

Signs You Have Pests

Pests like to hide and are often most active late at night when no one is around. However, they often leave signs that they have been around if you know what to look for.

  • Droppings – the most obvious sign that your restaurant has a pest problem is the presence of feces or urine, particularly in hidden areas of the kitchen or food storage.
  • Physical damage – rodents, like mice and rats, like to chew on just about everything. Look for the telltale signs of gnaw holes and chew markings.
  • Nests – Once pests have infiltrated your space, the next step is to get comfortable. Mice and rats like to make nests out of soft materials and paper, while insect nests can be visible in the dirt or space around your foundation.
  • Shed skin – shed skin, eggshells, and dead insects are signs that you have an active pest infestation. Cockroaches, flies, and ants are very common in restaurants and spread quickly. If a neighbouring business has cockroaches or ants, your business probably has them or will have them soon.

Why Eliminating Pests is So Important

When food safety is a concern, there is no time to waste in addressing a pest problem head-on. Insects and rodents are not just a nuisance, they can have serious health and safety consequences, not to mention the damage they could inflict on your business’ reputation.

  • Protecting your reputation – with just about every experience shared on social media, the lasting image you want to be associated with your restaurant is NOT an unfortunate run-in with a pest.
  • Keeping your staff productive – pests are a huge distraction to staff who may find it challenging to work efficiently while battling flies, stomping ants, avoiding cockroaches, or cleaning up after rodents.
  • Maintaining quality – working in an environment overrun with pests can be demoralizing for staff, which could lead to quality issues with your food and problems with customers. Keep everyone happy by supporting a safe, clean working environment, and the results will be noticeable in the food.

At the first sign of a pest problem, pest control services on Oakville should be your first call. Don’t put off a small problem today in exchange for a more significant problem tomorrow. Your business and your brand may depend on it.