Mice and Rats Removal

It’s Getting Colder Outside, and You’re Not the Only One Looking to Stay Warm

As the winter months settle in, we are all bundling up in our warmest sweaters and coziest socks, however we are not the only ones looking for a warm place to stay. Pests such as mice and rats are also looking for a cozy place to call home. As a homeowner there are things that you can do to help avoid a pest infestation, however if unwelcome guests have already moved in, getting rid of them will most likely require professional mice and rats removal.

How to Avoid a Critter Infestation:

Seal Off Access to Your Home

The first step to avoiding mice and other rodents taking up residence in your home is to ensure that there are no potential entry points.  Check the weather stripping around doors and the caulking around your windows to confirm a tight seal. Examine your foundation for signs or cracks and holes and make repairs as needed. Open areas such as attics, fan intakes, and dryer vents should have a sealed mesh cover installed, preventing access to your home.

Keep Outdoor Areas Clean

Once access to the interior of your home has been eliminated, the next area you will want to secure is the exterior of your home. Keeping your garage and lawn area clean, tidy and free of debris is the best way to avoid rodents taking up residence on your property and potentially moving into your home. In the spring and summer months, keep your lawn cut and shrubbery neat, this can help to deter mice and rats from nesting. If possible, eliminate food and water sources. Garbage and compost bins should be tightly sealed and preferably secured with animal proof locks. Standing water in places such as pet bowls and platers should left only as long as required and then promptly removed.

If you are renovating, use firewood, or otherwise have reason to require materials to be stacked beside or around your home, ensure that these stacks are located at least 30 metres away. Areas such as outdoor garages and sheds should be regularly cleaned out. Keeping a tidy space will help to eliminate potential nesting and feeding areas.

How to Eliminate a Rodent Infestation

Mice and rats removal is a notoriously difficult task. Droppings and chew marks are the two surest signs that pests have taken up residence. There are a few DIY methods of mice and rats removal available if you suspect that you are dealing with a infestation, however the trick is to act fast, as these rodents breed quickly and a small problem can turn into a very large one very quickly. Peppermint oil cankeep pests away from areas they have not already invaded; if you have noticed signs of mice or rats outdoors but not inside your home, this could potentially deter them while you secure access points. If the infestation has moved indoors, there are various bait traps available, including snap traps and bait stations. Be careful when using these types of control measures if you have small children or pets.

If the problem persists, mice and rats removal by a professional is the surest way to eliminate the problem.