Ideas That Stink For Handling Skunks

Skunks become a problem when their burrowing and feeding habits conflict with humans.  You can be proactive in preventing damage caused by skunks and humane in skunk control methods.

Damage Prevention:

  1. Exclusion – Keep skunks from denning under buildings by sealing off all foundation openings with wire mesh.
  2. Habitat Modification – Properly dispose of garbage or other food sources that will attract skunks.  Also, skunks are attracted to rodent activity, so a rodent control program may be necessary.

Control Methods:

  1. Frightening Devices – Lights and sounds will only provide temporary relief at best.
  2. Repellents – There are no registered repellents for skunks.
  3. Toxicants – There are no registered toxicants for skunks.
  4. Trapping – Trapping is the most effective form of skunk control.  Live trapping and relocation are extremely effective and humane forms of skunk control.

If you’re having problems with skunks, give us a call – we’re here to help.