How To Use Mouse Traps Effectively

mousesnaptrapYou have mice and you want an eco-friendly way to manage the problem.  Snap traps are a good option but most people are unaware of how to use them for maximum effectiveness.  The following tips will help ensure the greatest chance of getting rid of mice in your home or business:

Trap Placement

This is the most important piece of advice. Mice are like the song we all know, they do not see well.  Mice most often travel along walls using their tails for guidance and reassurance.  Therefore, place traps perpendicular to the wall on a hard and flat surface.  Place the baited end where the trap and wall meet.

Number Of Traps

Simply put, use lots.  Even if you think that you only have one mouse, use 6-10 traps. You can not use too many traps.

Put Out A Buffet

Mice like choice so let’s give it to them.  Use peanut butter on some, hazelnut spread or chocolate on others.

Use Gloves

If you use disposable gloves when baiting, you minimize the chances of transferring human odor to the trap.  The mice will be less wary and more inquisitive as a result. Given that mice can be disease bearing, it’s also a good idea to use gloves when disposing of traps.

Keep An Eye On Things

Check the snap traps daily.  Remove all traps with catches in them immediately. Continue setting traps until eradication is complete.

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