Bed Bug Treatment in Oakville

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Removal and What to Expect Afterward

Bed bugs. Your skin is probably crawling right now and your first though may be to burn the house down and just start again. Thankfully, bed bugs can be dealt with without anything as drastic as destruction of all your belongings. However, they are very difficult to get rid of, and bed bug treatment in Oakville is definitely a job that requires a professional service. In order for the bed bug treatment to be as effective as possible, there are several steps you should take both before and after the treatment.

Before a Bed Bug Treatment in Oakville

As we mentioned before, there is a reason that we are all so fearful of bed bugs, ridding your home of those nasty critters is a difficult task. In order to make your removal treatment most effective, make sure to:

  • Wash and dry all bedding, towels, and clothing in the warmest temperature possible that will not damage to the items. Once thoroughly dried, use large garbage bags to double bag and store all items in the home. Do not remove any belongings from your home unless you are certain they are not infested; doing so may spread the bed bugs or reintroduce them into your home after the bed bug removal treatment.
  • For items that are difficult to launder or cannot be washed, such as rugs, wool coats, pillows, curtains, and children’s stuffed toys, place the items in the dryer and run on the highest setting possible for at least 30 minutes. Once done, use large garbage bags to double bag and store the items.
  • Visually inspect items that cannot be washed, such as books and toys, for signs of bed bugs.
  • Thoroughly wash and vacuum all floors, carpets, furniture, beds, and box springs to remove live and/or dead bed bugs. Discard the vacuum filter or bag immediately, so to not reintroduce the bugs.
  • Make sure all furniture, and kitchen and bathroom countertops, are easily accessible and free of clutter. Where possible move large pieces away from the walls.

After a Bed Bug Treatment in Oakville

  • Do not bring potentially infected items back into the home until they have been washed, dried and inspected. This includes clothing, shoes, and backpacks
  • Respect the recommend time allowance for staying away from your home, usually not more than 6 hours, but can increase to up to 24 for pregnant woman and small children.
  • Do not walk barefoot in your home for 48 hours following a bed bug treatment.
  • A mattress encasement is recommended for all beds and box springs. An encasement creates a barrier around your mattress, preventing re-infestation in the event that any bed bugs have survived the treatment process and should be left in place for at least 5 months, that’s the amount of time that a bed bug can survive without a snack.

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is not fun, but following these steps can help ensure that once they are gone, they are gone for good.