How To Get Rid of Ants

Effective ant removal can be a tedious task.  How many trips to the Hamilton Home Depot or Waterdown Rona have you made to purchase Raid only to see ant activity return within a few days?  Traditionally, ant control was gained by applying a liquid insecticide throughout the home.  This provides temporary relief from ant activity but has limited effectiveness in complete ant removal and elimination of the colony.  Ant baits, however, can provide effective elimination of the colony and here’s how:

What are ant baits?

Ant baits are formulations that foraging ants consume and return to the nest to share with the colony.  All baits are a combination of an attractive food source and a slow-acting toxicant.

How do they work?

They key to a successful ant bait is a slow-acting toxicant.  This allows the foraging ants to consume the bait for an extended period of time before dying.  Also, this time is used to allow the bait to be spread throughout the colony.

Do all ants respond to bait?

Some ants respond better to bait than other ants and some baits are more effective than other baits.  Professional pest control persons have the training in baiting techniques and access to a wider variety of bait products.  As a result, they are more likely to achieve the desired result of comeplete ant removal.

When used properly, ant baits can be very effective in providing complete ant removal.  Call Beacon Pest Control today at 1-855-676-6873 to learn how we can provide ant removal in Ancaster, Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington and Oakville.