Bed Bugs

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Back Home After a Vacation

Whether you are relaxing somewhere warm or making tracks on the slopes, vacations are a time to recharge and unwind. Unfortunately, many popular vacations destinations are also hotspots for some seriously unpleasant travel companions- bed bugs. No one wants to return home after a relaxing trip to realize they have brought with them an unwanted bed bug infestation. Avoid bringing home creepy bed bug guests by following these seven travel tips.

Give Your Hotel Room a Thorough Check

As soon as you arrive at your hotel, before you unpack, stash your suitcase somewhere safe (like the bathroom) and take a minute to inspect the room for signs of bed bugs. Look for telltale black or brown stains or pearl-coloured eggs. Start with the bed area, paying particular attention to the seams, corners, and space between the mattress and box spring. If the bed has a fabric headboard, don’t forget to look there as well.

If You Need to Move- leave!

If you spot any signs of bed bugs, leave the room immediately. Inform hotel staff and request a room change. Ensure your new room is far away as possible from the infested one and avoid adjacent rooms or those located directly above, across, or below. Inspect the new room as well.

Keep Luggage Up High

Even if you are satisfied that your hotel room is bedbug-free, it still pays to be cautious. Even a few bed bugs hitching a ride home can lead to a major infestation. Instead of scattering your clothes and personal belongings around the room, try keeping what you can inside your suitcase and store your suitcase off the ground.

Bag Up Your Clothes

Keep your dirty laundry in a separate, sealed plastic as this will make washing easier and act as a bed bug deterrent. Pack other personal items that can’t be easily washed or wiped down like toiletries and electronics in Ziplock bags before departing to help keep them safe. Take out what you need only when you need it and put it back right after.

Toss Everything Directly into the Wash

As soon as you get home, everything washable from inside your suitcase, even items that weren’t worn, should go directly from your suitcase into the washing machine. No stops. Run a cycle at the warmest temperature the fabrics will allow. Throw away all the plastic bags, preferably in an outdoor bin.

Go Over Your Suitcase with a Fine-tooth Comb

While your clothes are being washed, give your suitcase a good once over, looking for any signs bed bugs have stowed away. Vacuum the inside and if you have a clothes steamer, steam the interior of the suitcase as the heat will kill any bed bugs that may have come back with you.

Seek Bed Bug Treatment Promptly if All Else Fails

If bed bugs still manage to settle into your home despite all the precautions, consult the professionals for an immediate bed bug treatment. Bed bugs multiply exceedingly fast and are extraordinary at finding little places to hide. They can travel with you easily in backpacks, bags, purses, and coats, making them a problem not only for you but all those around you.

To mitigate damage to your property and avoid common bed bug treatment mistakes, consult a professional for prompt bed bug treatment.