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How Can You Get Rid of Pesky Mice from Your Home Permanently?

Do one or two tiny mice find their way inside your house daily? Perhaps the noises you’ve been hearing are bizarre scratching or squeaking that seem to come from within the walls. These signs indicate that the mice felt your home as their home!

The Need for Urgent Action

Dealing with mice that live in your place will be unpleasant. They make things germy, bite or chew wires and walls, and are too annoying. But don’t panic! Thankfully, there are methods of removing mice from your home so you can keep your home free of disturbances. In this guide, we will show you the best strategies for finding mice, eliminating them, and preventing their future presence. Following these simple steps, you will defeat these irritating, infective intruders.

Confirming the Presence of Mice

First, you must check whether there are mice. Watch out for their feces, which are brownish and resemble a rice grain in size. Moreover, fatty stains will be visible on objects such as walls and baseboards. Also, check the bite marks on food containers or other stuff. If you suspect mice live within the walls, sounds such as squeaking or scampering are good indicators.

Sealing Entry Points

As soon as you are sure that you have a mouse problem, you have to take action to solve it. You could begin by tightly sealing up any crevices they could have been using to nest in, even if these cracks seem tiny. Use steel wool or wire mesh to close any leaks and cracks around the pipes, vents, or any parts where they can go through.

Setting Traps to Catch Mice

Moving to another step, use traps to catch the ones inside your house. Place the traps either along the edges of the baseboards or near any openings you think they might be crawling through. Put tempting baits, such as peanut butter or seeds, in traps the mice cannot resist. Make an inspection every day and remember to remove trapped mice.

Eliminating Food Sources

In addition, be sure to remove any items that might attract mice. Remove any remaining food particles or spills. Keep all food, including pet food, in airtight containers. Waste must be thrown away regularly so that there is no leftover food for them to snack on.

Using Natural Repellents

As an additional precaution, you can use strong smells like peppermint oil or crushed red pepper flakes that the mice are not likely to tolerate. It is essential to spray or remove these near entrance points to discourage rats from trying to enter your home.

Monitoring for Continued Activity

Continuously check for any new mouse activity, such as recently seen mouse poops and chewed stuff. If you’re still seeing signs of mice after these methods have been applied, then it could be time to involve a professional in the problem.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Beacon Pest Control has professionals who can assess your mouse situation and eliminate those annoying creatures for good. We will perform a free inspection and develop their custom plan, including solutions to resolve your issue permanently. Don’t let mice invade your home- call Beacon Pest Control now for rodent control and a mice-free home!