Get Rid of Mice Fast with the Help of an Expert

When the weather is cold outside, many types of animals seek a warm place to call home. If that place offers food along with the shelter, it’s even more enticing. Since mice often come indoors when the weather outside is less than ideal, many homeowners struggle with mice removal. Hamilton has cold winters, making it a prime area for mice to seek shelter indoors.

No one wants rodents running around indoors. They can pose a health concern, damage personal property, or cause structural damage and electrical fires. Finding mouse droppings on your personal belongings is not only gross, but it is also a health risk.

If you need mice removal in Hamilton, you may decide to start the process by trying to trap the mice on your own. Many people will set out a trap that will instantly kill a mouse once it happens to come across the trap. Peanut butter, hazelnut chocolate spread, or a little chuck of a peanut butter cup might entice a mouse or two to check out the trap. Unfortunately, these traps are not an effective way to eliminate a rodent problem. Often times the trap is sprung without catching the mouse, giving them a free treat to snack on. We all know that if you keep feeding mice, they will not go away, which means your trap might actually be attracting the little critters instead of getting rid of them.

Unfortunately, mice removal in Hamilton, or anywhere else, isn’t a quick and easy process and it is best to call in an expert to help expedite the process.

We know that mice love dark, insulated, warm and quiet areas of homes and buildings. Attics and crawl spaces are particularly favourite places. Since mice can run through the walls of a house in search of food and water, they can often go under the radar when there are just a couple of them. By the time you can hear scratching, chewing or movement coming from behind your walls, you already have an infestation.

You’ve probably heard that if you see a single mouse, that there are most likely a lot more nearby. This is true and can be a sign that you need help from a pest control expert.

One of the ways a licensed pest control company can get rid of rodents is through a bait program. After a single feed, rodents will dry from the inside out, eliminating the ability for them to rot and smell. While some stores offer mouse bait kits for sale, those kits often take multiple feedings and work differently from the program a licensed pest control company will use. Also, if rodents feel unwell after a feed and the bait didn’t eliminate them, they are smart enough not to return for another feeding.

When you call a pest control specialist, chances are that you want the mice gone immediately, but you should know that it can take a while for full mice removal in Hamilton. If you live in a typical residential neighbourhood, it can take a few follow up visits from a professional to completely get rid of the problem. This is because with a mouse infestation, the population can grow very rapidly.

If your pest control specialist has chosen the bait program for mice removal in Hamilton, you should find bluish green droppings from a rodent who ate the bait and died. If you continue to find fresh black droppings or live mice after a month, you will need to call back the pest control specialist so they can come back and possibly adjust the program.

If you have seen droppings or other evidence of mice in your home, contact a pest control specialist today for assistance.