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Binomial Name: Forficula auriculariaCommon earwig or European earwig, Forficula auricularia against white background


  • Overall Length: Adults up to 2cm
  • Colour: Adults are reddish-brown
  • Other Features:  Males have a pair of curved forceps at the rear of the body whereas those of the female are almost straight.

Life Cycle: Earwigs live for only one year and most die during the winter months.  Females lay about 60 round white eggs which reach the adult stage in about 70 days.

Behaviour: Earwigs forage during the night and hide in dark, moist, cool places during the day.  Earwigs do not breed in the home and are not disease carriers.  They often crawl into the home seeking a moist site to hide during the day.

Signs of Infestation: Earwig sightings throughout the home.  Predominate activity will be in the basement.