Pest Control Services In Hamilton

Don’t Be a Dave – Pest Control Services In Hamilton

Meet Dave. Dave is your average Hamilton guy. Loves the Bulldogs, long walks on the beachfront and beers with buddies at The Collins Brewhouse. Dave owns a nice condo, has a nice wife and two nice kids. Dave also has a not-so-nice German Cockroach problem. It started out slowly.  Dave, getting up early and heading down to enjoy that first cup of coffee, flicking on the kitchen lights and seeing a lone roach skittering under the kitchen sink cupboard. He sees some coffee grounds on the floor that turn out to be roach droppings. Notices a musty smell, and some smear marks on the floors and lower walls. Dave finally figures out he has roaches. A lot of them. But Dave, being Dave, doesn’t google pest control services in Hamilton. No, Dave googles DIY cockroach control.

Fast forward to Dave at home, dressed in a Saran Wrap hazmat suit, chasing roaches around with a spray bottle of dish soap, baking soda and borax. Filling the corners of his condo with tiny sachets of catnip. Giving his family allergic reactions with cayenne pepper. Sprinkling his carpet with crushed bay leaf powder, building elaborate soda bottle traps, and constructing cucumber fortresses late at night, his hands red and raw from the constant cleaning and disinfecting.

Dave is tired. His wife is angry, and his kids refuse to step foot into the kitchen, choosing to eat on the patio instead. In November. His wife and kids stage a mutiny – “Dave, it’s time to look for pest control services in Hamilton.”

Dave finally admits defeat. He hangs his head as he googles pest control services in Hamilton. His pest expert quickly solves his cockroach issue. Don’t be a Dave, call a professional as soon as you spot the signs of a problem or infestation and save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration.