Oriental Cockroach

Cockroach (Oriental Cockroach)

Binomial Name: Blatta orientalisorientalcockroach


  • Overall Length: Adult is 25mm
  • Colour: Adult is dark brown, almost black
  • Other Features:  The tegmina (front wings) of the male covers about three-quarters of the abdomen while the tegmina of the female are only partially developed and the appear wingless.

Life Cycle:  There are 16 eggs in an egg capsule and the female may deposit an average of 8-14 capsules in her lifetime.  The egg capsules hatch in 60 days and the nymphs undergo 7 moults before reaching the adult stage.  The Oriental cockroach can live up to 2 years.

Behaviour: The Oriental cockroach is less wary and more sluggish than other cockroaches.  It prefers dark and damp crevices in such places as basements, utility tunnels, service tunnels and sewers.

Signs of Infestation:  Since the Oriental cockroach prefers to live in colonies, large numbers may be found around water leaks in the basement, behind toilets, baths or laundry tubs.