Brown-banded cockroach

Cockroach (Brown-Banded Cockroach)

Binomial Name: Supella longipalpabrownbandedroach


  • Overall Length: Adult is 10-14mm
  • Colour: Adult is brownish-buff
  • Other Features:  Two brownish-yellow bands across the tegmina (wings)

Life Cycle: Females carry a small egg capsule which can contain 16-18 eggs.  The egg capsules incubate for about 6-10 weeks before nymphs emerge.  Nymphs become adults in about 5 months and adults live about 10 months.

Behaviour: Although the Brown-banded cockroach is nocturnal, it may often be seen during the day.  It is capable of flight and can be found fluttering around lights in the house.  It prefers to hide in crevices high up in heated rooms where the average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius.

Signs of Infestation: Common harbouring sites include furniture, bedding, behind picture frames, in old clothes, inside ceiling fixtures, behind curtain hooks and behind wall paper.