Bed Bugs: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

There is no doubt that bed bugs are back.  The National Pest Management Association has reported “a 500% increase in bed bug infestations since 1999”.  Many factors have been cited as the cause of the dramatic increase which include but are not limited to:

Increase in international travel

Due to the increase prevalence of bed bugs world-wide, the frequency of encounters with bed bugs during travel is also likely to have increased.

Changes in pest control practices

For environmental and health reasons, the use of pesticides has changed from ‘broad spectrum’ (a pesticide that kills a large number of unrelated species eg. DDT) to ‘narrow spectrum’ (only affect the target pest) pesticides.

Increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides

Like many bugs, pesticide resistance has been cited in bed bugs.  The solution to pesticide resistance is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which combines chemical and non-chemical treatments in a unified method.  IPM provides a solution with the least possible hazard to people, property and the environment.  Visit our Bed Bug Treatment page for information on our Integrated Pest Management approach to treating bed bugs.

Lack of public awareness

Many people simply don’t believe or realize that bed bugs truly exist.  As a result, people don’t think twice before picking up a discarded piece of furniture or take the proper precautions when travelling and visiting places that have a high turnover of people.

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