Bed Bugs: How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are not the result of poor housekeeping, anyone can have bed bugs.  They can travel between apartments through cracks in walls and floors.  Also, people bring bed bugs into their homes unknowingly in infested luggage, backpacks, furniture or clothing.

Residences can become infested with bed bugs in 3 different ways:

1)  Bed Bug Migration

Migration is when bed bugs walk to an adjacent unit through hallways, plumbing, electrical lines or other means.  Bed Bugs can travel up to 60 feet per night and don’t respect personal boundaries and space.  Bed bugs do not distinguish between your apartment and your neighbour’s.

2)  Bed Bug Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is when bed bugs climb into or on bags, clothing or other personal belongings and are relocated by a person.

3)  Infested Items

Used furniture can house bed bugs without showing any signs of bed bug activity.  Use caution when purchasing used items and never pick up a mattress, sofa , chair etc from the side of the road – it’s there for a reason.

While filth does not benefit bed bugs, clutter does.  More clutter means more hiding places for bed bugs resulting in increased difficulty in detecting and eliminating them.