Bed bugs in the home and treatment plans

Bed bugs are one of the most troublesome pests for homeowners. They are difficult to prevent, hard to see, and after you realize there’s an infestation, you worry that bed bug treatment in Hamilton may not be environmentally safe.

How did they get here?

Bed bugs travel from location to location by latching onto a person’s clothing or luggage. The pests are most commonly picked up in hotel or hostel beds. For example, if someone brings bed bugs into a hotel, the pests will nestle into the bed boards, mattress, and box spring and bite the next unsuspecting hotel guest. The bugs are mostly active at night and will bite any exposed skin as the person sleeps. If you sleep in a hotel bed that has bed bugs, the tiny bugs can then grab onto your clothing or luggage and travel home with you.

Another common way to get bed bugs is from clothing, bedding, or furniture bought second-hand. Similar to the hotel situation, bed bugs can live in these items and travel to the new owner’s home, if left unnoticed.

In both cases, bed bugs can make a home in your mattress and travel throughout your house to other items of furniture and clothing, or grab onto visitors and spread to another home.

What to look for?

Unless you look closely at your hotel bed, it’s easy to miss signs of bed bugs. Look for tiny eggs that are often mistaken for pilling, or brown-red marks on the sheets or mattress from either the bugs being crushed or from biting the person. Another way to tell is if you have many small, red bite marks on skin that was exposed to the bedding while you slept. The bites are normally painless, but can become itchy welts. At this point, or when you arrive home, you will want to look for bed bug treatment in Hamilton.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

The worst part about having bed bugs in your home is that uncomfortable feeling that your belongings are infested with pests. It’s an awful thought, but luckily there is bed bug treatment in Hamilton that makes getting rid of the pests pretty painless.

Firstly, always call a professional to remove bed bugs. Home remedies can be effective, but it’s hard to guarantee a thorough job. Missing a few bed bugs means they’ll be back in full force within a couple of weeks of your at-home treatment.

It’s important to look for a service that offers bed bug treatment in Hamilton that is safe for your home, children, and pets. There is no sense getting rid of bed bugs if you’re just going to be left with a house full of toxic chemicals and gases. What you can do is hire a company committed to environmentally friendly pest control treatments, that limit the exposure of toxic chemicals to the homeowners. Some techniques are chemical-free, such as those that use vacuums, traps or bait, steam, or organic materials to eliminate all traces of bed bugs from your home.