Bed Bugs: 4 Great Tips On How To Prevent Bed Bugs

Everyone knows that the best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.  Here are 4 tips for bed bug prevention.

1.  When Travelling:

Check for bed bugs before you enter into a hotel room.  Leave your luggage in the hall and inspect headboards, mattresses and underneath nightstands for signs of bed bugs.  When you return home, launder all clothing (I prefer to use a laundromat) and inspect luggage for bed bugs.

2When purchasing used items:

Never purchase used furniture (including beds) or electronic items (e.g., televisions) unless you can confirm where they have come from and are confident that they are free of bed bugs.

3.  Protect your mattress and box spring:

Use quality mattress and box spring covers that are bed bug proof.

4.  Regular home inspections:

Inspect your home every 3 months especially the bedrooms.  Look along the piping of the mattress and around the plastic corner protectors of the box spring for signs of bed bugs.  Also, inspect the headboard, nightstands and nearby baseboards.

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