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Bed Bug Treatment: Why Bed Bugs Suck and What to Do

No one wants bed bugs. Not only do they bite you as you sleep, but they can and will infest any space; your closet, the walls, your luggage, the floor, and yes, your bed. Bed bugs do not care how good you are about cleaning your house. There is actually no connection to keeping a clean house, or having good personal hygiene, and bed bugs.

Bed bugs will travel wherever they can. They can come into your house a number of ways. In your suitcase, from the apartment next door, used furniture, new furniture, and from one infested area of your home to the other.

Bed bugs are a nocturnal, small group insect that ingests blood. During the day, they hide in any crevices or small cracks they can find, and then come out at night. The female bed bug can lay up to 50 eggs at a time, which hatch anywhere from 10-14 days later. This means that if you do not seek bed bug treatment quickly, they can easily spread and cause an infestation. Bed bugs are small, measuring less than a centimetre as adults, and have a brownish reddish colour. They have a similar shape to an apple seed, if you weren’t looking for bed bugs and saw only one, it is very easy to dismiss it as a seed.

Proper bed bug treatment can save your furniture, and your and your family’s peace of mind. When you notice a bed bug infestation, wash all mattress covers, bedding and clothing the bed bugs may have come in contact with in hot water, and dry with high heat. Heat will kill the remaining bed bugs. If you notice drops of blood on your sheets, and wake up with bite marks, there is a good possibility that you have bed bugs. Even if you think you have gotten all the bed bugs while washing your bedding and clothing, call an exterminator.

Bed bugs can live up to a year without ingesting blood. It is a good idea to ensure that all bugs have been exterminated from your home with a thorough cleaning of your bedding, vents, floors, cracks and crevices. Using quality and eco-friendly chemicals and equipment will ensure that they do not come back.

While some people may feel that having a bed bug infestation is embarrassing, remember it has nothing to do with your, or your household’s housework or hygiene. Bed bugs are opportunistic and they can easily hitch a ride into any home.