Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment – What Can I Do?

Bed bugs – these critters are something that everyone who has ever lived in a busy, urban city fears. They seem to come out of nowhere, but once they have made themselves known, they are impossible to get rid of by yourself. What do you do when you have bed bugs? What exactly does bed bug treatment involve? At Beacon Pest Control, we offer the top bed bug treatment in Southern Ontario and are here to answer all of your questions about bed bug treatment.

So far, I’ve only noticed a few, do I really need bed bug treatment?

When you say that you have only noticed a few, that means that you have only seen a limited number. And that certainly does not mean that there are not more there, because, unfortunately, there most certainly are. Bed bugs lay lots of eggs everyday, and a few bedbugs will quickly turn into a big infestation. So, whether you have seen two, ten, or three hundred, we recommend calling us for bed bug treatment as soon as possible.

My business has bed bugs, can I still get bed bug treatment?

At Beacon Pest Control, we service commercial businesses and organizations, as well as residential homes. When you have bed bugs, we can provide you with bed bug treatment, no matter who you are!

What do you use for bed bug treatment? Is it safe?

Our clients’ safety is our number one priority when it comes to bed bug treatment. All of our bed bug treatments are safe and environmentally friendly. They are only provided by an expertly trained team with advanced equipment and the right ventilation conditions. Our bed bug treatment is completely safe. What is, however, unsafe, is living and working with bed bugs, so we encourage you to give us a call when you have them.

Following treatment, are the bed bugs gone forever?

At Beacon Pest Control, we provide bed bug treatment that consists of multiple steps to eliminate as many as possible. We offer a guarantee to our customers of our bed bug treatment in Southern Ontario. If it is not entirely effective the first time, we will come back and do the job again to get the remaining bed bugs. Our team will also offer you professional advice on how to prevent bed bugs from returning to the premises in the future, along with ongoing support.

Can I do bed bug treatment by myself?

There are products for DIY bed bug treatment, but we do not recommend them. Without the expert training that our team receives, you will not be able to effectively exterminate the infestation. You can also not guarantee your safety, as you will not know how to use the chemicals you buy properly or ensure the right amount of ventilation. The job is not a pleasant one when you are not trained in it, so why not save yourself the hassle and leave it to the professionals?