Beacon Pest Control Goes Hollywood!!!

Take FiveHow do you get rid of bed bugs in an environmentally safe way without using any chemicals?  That was the problem posed to us from a major production company doing recent work in the Hamilton area.

The Background:  A home that had been rented to act as a location for a Netflix original series was infested with bed bugs.

The Problem:  The cast and crew were reluctant to enter the infested environment and were equally concerned about working in an environment where chemical treatments might be used.  With deadlines looming, the production company was in a bind.

The Beacon Pest Control Solution:  A chemical free, green approach to bed bug control that allowed production to continue.

The Beacon Pest Control Process:  We used pest control vacuums, pest control steamers, diatomaceous earth (a natural and safe but effective desiccant) and quality mattress and box spring protectors to greatly reduce the infestation creating a much safer workplace.  Also, we provided workers and their unions with safety protocols to use when working in areas where bed bugs might be present.

The Results:  The shoot was moderately delayed while we did the work but successfully resumed that evening.  During the resumed filming no member of the cast or crew came into direct contact with bed bugs or took the problem home with them.  Not exactly how Lassie saves the day but for us here at Beacon Pest we felt professional pride in our first (albeit behind the scenes) film role.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly but effective solution to bed bugs?  Call Beacon Pest Control Services now where our work is safe, effective and guaranteed.