Bat Infestation and Bat Removal in Hamilton, Ontario

Bat Infestation and Bat Removal in Hamilton, Ontario

While myths have perpetuated bats as somewhat scary creatures associated with vampires and Halloween, they are actually fascinating creatures. They are highly beneficial to ecosystems, as they pollinate plants, eat insects, and serve as prey to other animals. It is because of this that bats are protected in the province of Ontario and if you find them on your property you will need bat removal in Hamilton.

Bats can end up in our homes for a number of reasons. One of them is to do with the weather. As it starts to get colder, it is not uncommon for bats to look to warmer areas, and homes generally tend to provide warmth. In fact, some types of bats like warmth so much that they will seek out hot attics even during the summer months. There are two common types of bats in Ontario that generally tend to set up home in buildings here. The first is the little brown bat. This bat is reddish brown in colour and has a wingspan of approximately 23 to 26cm, which isn’t that large. They live in large colonies and if they are in a building it is likely that they will breed, so it is important to try to get bat removal as soon as possible.

The second type of bat found in southern Ontario is the big brown bat. These have a wingspan of approximately 32.5-35cm. Their colonies are smaller and males tend to roost alone, so you may just find one in your building. They like it to be a little cooler than their little brown cousins, so may roost in chimneys or basements as well as attics in winter. This can be very disruptive and bat removal is also necessary in this situation. So, how do you know if you are in need of bat control in Hamilton? Well, it might be obvious if you have actually seen them. However, it’s not always guaranteed that you will lay eyes on them.

As you likely already know, bats are nocturnal. They will also roost in dark areas like basements, attics, or behind walls. If you think you might have bats, you can perform a bat watch and observe the exterior of your home around 30 minutes before dark. Other signs that you will need bat control in Hamilton include rub marks, an oily residue they leave on walls and other structures, as well as bat droppings, known as guano.

At Beacon Pest Control, we will successfully remove bats from your building while complying with all legal requirements for protecting animals. We do this in an extremely humane manner, without harming the animals, and will release them near safe areas where they can roost comfortably. If you have noticed signs of big or little brown bats in your building, please give us a call today. We will undertake bat removal in Hamilton and ensure that your property is free from these critters, who, while fascinating, don’t belong there!