Bat Control

Bat Control Burlington

The cold season is upon us and soon all kinds of creatures will be looking for warm places to spend the rest of the year. One of the kinds of critters that will be looking for loft space are bats. Bats are common in Burlington and it may be a good idea to look into bat control in Burlington before it gets much colder this year. There are many reasons to get rid of the bats in your home, and there are many ways to guard against your home becoming a haven for bats. If you think you need bat control in Burlington, here are a few tips just for you.

First find out if you have bats. The presence of bats can be detected at dusk. Get a few friends together and stand around your home at dusk. This is the time that bats fly out for night hunting and if you have bats, there is a good chance you will see them and where they fly out from will give you a good indicator of where they are in your home. Once you have established that you have bats, you can start looking into bat control.

Bat control should start with bat eviction. To do that, the best thing to do is establish a one-way exit for the bats. That along with bat proofing your home should ensure that you have a bat free home for the rest of the winter. The combination of bat proofing and bat eviction is not just a sure way to get rid of bats, it is also a very humane way to handle your bat infestation.

The process of creating one-way exits in your home and starting the process of bat eviction might sound complicated, but it can all be done with some DIY materials and a bit of know-how. Once you are sure the bats are gone the same quick and easy manner can be used to bat-proof your home. However, if you have never done anything like this before, it is still a good idea to have people who know what they are doing come and help you out. Bats can be very dangerous to have in your home. They carry diseases and they can also do damage to your home. This is why it is important to get your place bat proofed. That is also why it is important to get professionals in to help you do the job properly. The great thing about calling professionals in to help you is that they can also look at your home and see if you need help with any other kind of infestation.

The cold weather and an inviting home are great for you, your friends and your family. However, it is best to make sure that only invited guests come and stay at your place. Beacon Pest Control has plenty of experience in the field of bat control in Burlington and you can reach out to have something done about your bat problem.