Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Your Holidays

reddufflebagA recent national survey of over 1300 households has revealed that 80% of homeowners are concerned about being exposed to bed bugs when travelling. In addition, 81% of those polled are not confident that they know how to prevent bringing bed bugs home with them.

There are many ways that we can minimize the chances of bringing unwanted pests home with us from our holidays. Most of which are steeped in common sense and a little leg work. The following are some tips from experts in the field of bed bugs:

Before You Leave

Gather a bed bug prevention kit to take with you. This can include:

  • A magnifying glass and a small flashlight for inspection purposes.
  • A travel size can of bed bug spray.
  • A specially designed bed bug proof cover to protect your suitcase as it lies in your hotel room.

Upon Arrival

Leave your suitcase outside of the hotel room as you inspect the room for eggs, bugs and skin molting’s on:

  • The mattress seams and box springs.
  • The headboard
  • Night stands
  • If bed bug activity is found, demand accomodation far away from the infested room.

During Your Stay

Do not use hotel furniture to store your clothing.  Instead, place your bed bug cover on your suitcase and live out of your protected suitcase. Keep the suitcase on the bathroom floor.

When You Get Home

Take clothes directly from your suitcase and place in the washer. Dry all clothes in the dryer at the highest recommended heat setting. Place your suitcase into a large garbage bag and heat the inside of the bag with a hand held dryer for 10-15 minutes. Visually inspect the suitcase for signs of bed bug activity before putting it away for storage.

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