Ant Little Black

Binomial Name: Monomorium minimum


  • Overall Length: Adult worker is 1.5mm
  • Colour: Adult worker is dark brown to black
  • Other Features: Colonies have many queens

Life Cycle: Very little is known about the little black ant’s life history. Colonies can contain multiple queens and up to 2000 workers. New colonies are formed during the summer as winged adult males and females mate in spring through mid-July.

Behaviour: As a native species the little black ant and can be found throughout Southern Ontario. They are adept at developing nests. A colony can thrive in open soil, lawns, under patio stones and masonry, wall voids and under flooring.

Signs of Infestation: Little black ants are often observed on their feeding / foraging trials especially when they invade the kitchen. Cabinets and pantries can become overrun with these ants and homeowners may see them swarm in large numbers during mating season.