Advances In Bed Bug Control

This is good.

Shan He, of the Stony Brook University Center for Advanced Technology, has developed microscopic netting that snares bed bugs.  The material has shown to be very effective in trapping bed bugs.

“It’s still in the prototype stage,” says He.  “We’re working 24/7 to move this from the lab to the consumer.”

He sees two ways of using the technology:

  1. Attach the material to bed bug hiding places.
  2. Injecting the material into carpets during or after manufacturing.

Either way, we here at Beacon Pest Control applaud the work.  Any environmentally friendly means of controlling bed bugs is worthy of consideration.  Let’s get rid of bed bugs but with the least toxic means.  It only makes sense.

Click here to learn more about He’s ground breaking technology.

That is why Beacon Pest Control uses a pest vacuum, steam, diatomaceous earth, moats, and quality mattress and box spring covers when exterminating bed bugs to augment any chemical treatment we may use.  Our clients are bed bug free but with the least amount of exposure to toxic chemicals.  It’s the proverbial win-win.

Naturally, we’ll get rid of the problem.