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2 Signs You Have a Mouse in the House and What to Do About It

Unlike every animated movie where adorable teams of mice work together to sew a dress for a princess, real-life mice pose far more of a problem for Ontario home and business owners (and princesses alike). If you suspect you have a mouse problem in your Hamilton home or business, your first line of defense should be to call us here at Beacon Pest Control for pest control services in Hamilton. If you’re unsure whether you have critter company, here are some tell-tale signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Unfortunately, no, that’s not dirt

One of the clearest signs of a rodent infestation in your Ontario home or business is the discovery of droppings throughout the house. Mouse scat is recognizable by its pellet-like shape, pointed ends, dark brown to black color, and size (similar to a grain of rice). Mice will leave droppings wherever they roam. If you notice deposits of mouse scat in corners, along counters, and along the edges of walls then you almost certainly have mice visiting your house. Unfortunately, mice in residential spaces are not typically transient. If mice find a comfortable source of warmth and food and manage to go long enough without detection, they will build nests and reproduce. Mouse droppings are a health hazard and should be cleaned and disinfected, then it’s time to call for pest control services in Hamilton. Droppings may tell you that mice are around, but they don’t give you much information about where they are living or how they are accessing the interior of your home.

Did you hear that?

Although they are tiny and may be able to sneak around undetected, mice are not as quiet as you would think. This is especially true at nighttime. Mice will chew, scratch, burrow, and explore instinctively always looking for nesting materials and food sources. This activity can generate quite a lot of noise within your walls. Walls are one of the most common places that mice use to travel throughout your home. If you’re living in the Hamilton area and you’re losing sleep to the sounds of scratching and gnawing within your walls, it’s important to reach out to a professional.

The sound of scratching and chewing is not only unnerving but could mean the mice are creating costly damage to your insulation, wiring, and framing. Deposits of mouse urine and fecal matter can cause mold, mildew, and odors that are incredibly difficult and expensive to remove. The cost of repairing this type of damage far outweighs the initial costs of pest control services in Hamilton. If you think you may have a mouse or two in the house, reach out to the experts here at Beacon so you can get some rest from your unwanted pests.